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    The Engineer (2013)

    For the Engineer, death is an art and a corpse, his friend. This documentary offers a unique and disturbing look at El Salvador's brutal gang conflict through the eyes of a man whose life revolves around murder.

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    Europe’s Last Dictator (2012)

    Europe's Last Dictator offers a rare glimpse inside one of the world's most under-reported countries: Belarus. It paints a disturbing picture of President Aleksandr Lukashenko and charts a violent crackdown on those who dare to oppose him.

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    Staging a Revolution (2010)

    Staging A Revolution

    Banned by the state, the Belarus Free Theatre performs in secret locations and texts the venue to audiences. They are a rare voice of dissent inside 'Europe's Last Dictatorship' and every play could be their last.

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    Beyond the Pink Curtain (2009)

    Homophobia remains an institutional practice in Eastern Europe, even after the fall of Communism. Other films suggest a Pink Curtain has replaced the Iron Curtain, but is the West in any position to pass judgment?

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