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    The Engineer (2013)


    For the Engineer, death is an art and a corpse, his friend. This documentary offers a unique and disturbing look at El Salvador's brutal gang conflict through the eyes of a man whose life revolves around murder.

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    Europe’s Last Dictator (2012)

    A documentary revealing the true story behind the Belarusian presidential election of 2010.

    Europe's Last Dictator offers a rare glimpse inside one of the world's most under-reported countries: Belarus. It paints a disturbing picture of President Aleksandr Lukashenko and charts a violent crackdown on those who dare to oppose him.

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    Staging a Revolution (2010)

    Staging A Revolution

    Banned by the state, the Belarus Free Theatre performs in secret locations and texts the venue to audiences. They are a rare voice of dissent inside 'Europe's Last Dictatorship' and every play could be their last.

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    Beyond the Pink Curtain (2009)

    Feature length documentary exploring the acceptance of the gay community across Europe

    Homophobia remains an institutional practice in Eastern Europe, even after the fall of Communism. Other films suggest a Pink Curtain has replaced the Iron Curtain, but is the West in any position to pass judgment?

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